6 September 2018

A walk on the beach..........

Last Sunday saw a brief break between 2 typhoons with some clear sunny weather...............

This tame Whimbrel near Mori provided some nice photo opps.

Usually this species is pretty shy but this individual quietly went about its business and basically ignored us.

This is the first one I've seen this season but it is a common passage visitor in Japan.

It shared the beach with 20 or so Red-necked Stint, 1 Pacific Golden Plover and 1 Mongolian Plover.


  1. Hope you are safe and out of harms way up there, Stu. Everyday seems to have something for us in Japan. Your pictures are the best I've ever seen of a Whimbrel. Nice to capture its behaviour like this.

    1. Hi Russell. Yes quite safe if slightly inconvenienced.................

  2. A very perky-looking Whimbrel you've got there.


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