13 March 2013

Twitching past and present

I've spent the last week twitching.

I don't mean chasing rare birds which other people have already found. As you can see there are only common species in this post, all from Onuma last Sunday.

I mean I am twitching. Or rather my left eye is. Myokymia I think is the technical term. Due to tired eyes I suppose........too much time in front of the screen plus my glasses are over 8 years old now................

It isn't so noticeable at least, I'll get round to getting an eye test and some new glasses soon.

A couple of past twitching stories........

In 1990 I had just started work at Hackney Council and in typical loony left mismanagement I wasn't getting paid so I had to go to the town hall to get paid in cash. There was a huge line of angry civil servants haranguing just one pay clerk who was at the end of his tether and as stressed as anyone I'd ever seen. His name was Bob and he had a twitch..................I heard he quit shortly after after a breakdown. I wasn't mean to him at least.

In around 1994 me an my friend Jon were having a quiet pint in the Hope and Anchor on Upper Street in Islington. On the next table was another group of people also having a drink. One of them had the craziest twitch I'd ever seen.................it involved him shouting out something in German, twitching the whole side of his face and then one arm shooting up in the air (like Jack Douglas in the carry-on films). He spilled a little of his drink every time he did it. His friends completely ignored it. After the third or fourth twitch we stopped suppressing laughter and started to feel sorry for him..................

So not much around, another week of crappy weather. Some Smew at Onuma, a White tailed Eagle at Kamiiso and a few common harbour birds in the port, a Peregrine in Hakodate a couple of days ago.

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  1. Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Such sweet little birds!!What may be commomplace to you is not for many of us. I love these captures Stuart.
    I hope you get your eyes seen to soon:)

  3. Hi Stu,
    Wow this series is simply breathtaking... These are beautiful winter shots and you managed the low light pretty well... We got a crappy winter over here too but except a big snow storm who blocked everything we did not get snow.... But it was cold....

  4. I sympathise. I stepped on my glasses last week and turned them into some semblance of a sculpture. At least you still see enough to spot little birds, I only spot them when they move.
    I really like your bird shots.

  5. Beautiful birds, they are both favorite of mine from across the big pond. Great shots!

  6. Good twitching stories Stuart. Of course there was a real twitcher on the birding scene in the 1980s who not only went to all the twitches but literally twitched - can't remember his name and he wasn't the origin of the word. That came before him. I'm no optician but I reckon 8 years is a long time not to change your specs mate.

    1. Yes I know Phil, it's now at the top of my 'to do' list...........


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