1 October 2012

A change in my life

A Night Heron the river near my apartment this morning.................

Not much around, a few Asian Brown Flycatcher still passing through.

The only other bird of interest was Varied Tit................

It was a quiet weekend as the tail end of a typhoon hit Hakodate.................so very grey and wet.

So I'm typing this on my new computer.....................this is a big step as I've left the closed world of Mac and am now using a Windows laptop. Cost was the main factor in my choice. I got my imac about 4 1/2 years ago and love it but I got tired of waiting for the latest update (Apple only seem to care about iphones and ipads these days). Mac latops are too expensive so I bought a BTO Windows one with SSD/i7CPU/16GB RAM and have hooked it up to a big external monitor.

It was a tough decision................on reading Mac vs Windows stuff on forums it seems some people take this stuff way too seriously: as if moving from one to the other is  kind of like changing one's political standpoint or religion.....................I'd say it's more like moving house. Lots of minor hassles and a nagging doubt as to whether I did the right thing.

The main reason I got a new PC was processing photos had been a real chore for a while, now I have the juice in the tank to tackle my thousands of mediocre photos and try to sort them out properly and delete lots (do I really need 1500 RAW photos of Red Necked Stints in slightly different poses in slightly different light?

Speaking of  moving house it is exactly 10 years ago that we moved to this apartment. My god, where did those 10 years go?

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  1. Lovely photo of the Night Herron.
    I'm so happy for you that you bought a new computer.:)

  2. Nice shots. I saw an Asian Brown Flycatcher on the weekend too but didn't get a shot. I did the opposite with computers last year and went from a 5 year old windows notebook to a giant 70 foot super mac. Hope you enjoy the change. Get a descent antivirus for it. I'm happy with trend on my netbook.

  3. ...or Canon versus Nikon for another death match!?
    One more reason to avoid forums.

    Top Night Heron and mega flycatcher (literally single figure records for UK).

  4. Thanks for the comments..........

    I'm still typing this reply on my Mac, the new PC is in the spare room for 'serious' (ahem) photo processing.......

    Mac vs PC debates make Canon vs Bikon discussions seem quite objective.

  5. Another winner with that heron shot. Super sharp eye.


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