6 October 2012

More of the same

There seem to be 8-10 Night Herons on the river, all hidden away most of the time. Not much else this last week: Arctic Warbler, Hawfinch, Siberian Stonechat all passing through...................

I will hopefully see some interesting stuff on a pelagic trip tomorrow....................it might even be sunny.

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  1. It's a lovely bird.Those eyes are
    so gorgeous.
    Have a good trip.

  2. Not much else? just Arctic Warbler and Sibe Stonechat. Poor you Stu but it's all relative as we know. Poor me too I think I have your G word so no plonk for me tonight. That last shot is a cracker.

  3. Beautiful pics Stu and I agree, it looks like Mac is worried about Ipad, and Iphones and the services are getting worse on laptop. Though I only used windows laptop so far but I heard that from my friends...


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