9 June 2012

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June 9th 2008.

A Ruddy Kingfisher at Onuma 4 years ago today. They were always a bit far off to capture with a 400mm lens, this heavy crop was the best I could manage. After 3 consecutive summers with this species in Onuma from 2006-8 I haven't seen any since this pair bred...............

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  1. Never seen a Kingfisher with that kind of complexion, & I do like that photo!

  2. A ruddy Kingfisher - I bet that's what the fish say too. Cracking bird mate.

  3. Great bird,truly stunning!
    I have never seen this one so thanks for sharing this gorgeous photo!

  4. This must be quite rare,...never seen one before.In flight,I'll bet it's a lovely sight to see when it shows more than just a tad of blue.

    It's still a good capture!!

  5. I've only seen this species in my fieldguides. Pretty nice result for a heavy crop.

  6. Thanks for the comments, I swung by the same location a couple of days ago and saw nothing except hordes of mosquitoes..........

  7. That's a strange colour for a bird. Nice one.


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