25 June 2012

Gone fishin'

One of many Black Browed Reed Warblers at Yakumo yesterday.

I was trying to get some Osprey shots.........

I wanted to get some shots of them fishing, this was the best sequence I could manage. It was quite far out and these are heavy crops, it was also before the sun came out from behind the mist.........

It stayed in the water for a few seconds............

....................before emerging with a fish.

I also saw a Black Kite dive and catch a fish and (surprisingly) a Grey Heron which plunged into the waves offshore and flew off with a huge fish (the gulls followed it and made it drop the fish though).

It wasn't only the birds fishing..........

This Red Fox at Onuma this afternoon was bringing food to its cubs, the same ones we photographed several weeks ago.

The cubs are one month older and not as cute anymore.........

Bird of the week was a surprise Oystercatcher on the beach at Kamiiso. Other stuff around included Scaup, Pochard and Falcated Duck at Yakumo, more Ospreys at Kamiiso and a Grays Grasshopper Warbler at Shikabe which stayed in view for about 3 whole seconds (that's 2.5 seconds longer than any GGW I've seen before).

I stayed up to watch England lose on penalties to Italy. It would have been embarrassing if we'd gone through after being second best for almost the whole game but still.............that's now 6 times out of 7 we've lost on penalty shootouts. I knew we'd lose the shootout as soon as it started.

But Euro 2012 was better for England than I'd expected............plus at least now it means no more 3.45am rises to watch England blunder through games with 30% possession.

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  1. Out on penalties... aargh !

    Red Fox cubs still quite cute, I'd say.

  2. I can never get tired of your reed warbler shots. Interesting to see how faint the black eyebrows are in this individual.

  3. What a series!
    The Osprey fishing would have deserved a movie... Look who's talking, I never think of making one!
    And the fox bringing a carp to her cubs... Just amazing!

  4. That red fishing fox is an excellent shot ;-) But I do prefer your osprey sequence ;-)

  5. Some unusual and special finds!
    Good post!


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