26 June 2011

A fishy post

One of many fishing Ospreys today, this one was at Yakumo. Shame I clipped the end of its wing off.

They really are adept fishers, every time they dived they got a fish. I didn't get any decent diving shots though.............

Most of the common stuff was still around but not as much singing and displaying, slow times are just around the corner.

The main focus in July will probably be the Japanese Green Pigeons. WE spent an hour or so at the regular spot, they briefly came down to the beach but the only shots I could get were rather distant BIFs.

The day ended at Kamiiso. There were only 3 Harlequins, either the male perished or maybe his moult finished and he flew off. Here's a pic of 2 females and also a female Goosander.

I think I now know the place where the Pharalopes were last week, unfortunately they seem to have gone. There was a family of Little Ringed Plover nearby however.........

I watched England's multinational 20-20 game last night (well I gave up after England's pathetic innings) and I also saw the movie 'Priest' which was very very silly indeed.

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  1. Great serie Stu! Love the osprey shot's. I had a place to shoot osprey images, but they are not present this year! The plover is very cute to ;)

  2. Your very spoilt with all those Ospreys Stu. How does once in a blue moon in West Lancs grab you nowadays?

  3. Wow! to the Osprey shots! I hope you will get a diving sequence as you see in magazines one day.

    "England's multinational 20-20 game" LOL.
    Surely there should be enough talent coming through for England to pick an English 11!

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Phil-Ospreys are as widespread here as Redshanks and Oystercatchers are in NW England, we should arrange a swap.

    Gallcissa-actually I was shocked at the 20-20 side, at least most of the recent test 'imports' grew up in the UK or have parent's) from there, 3 or 4 of the 20-20 side seem to have no connection whatsoever.............and they STILL got thrashed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they're going to lose so badly at least do it with homegrown players.

  5. Oh I definitively love your green pigeon Stu but your osprey shots are all the time so beautiful and great... Lovely post my friend and stop keeping our Harlequin ;-)

  6. The Ospreys-with-fish shots are especially good. I can't seem to get the decent pics of them in the water, either, - the autofocus follows the moving water.

    Ospreys are winter visitors here in Hong Kong, when the weather is often grey.

    Looking forward to seeing how A.Cook does as "50 over captain"

  7. I dream of images of Osprey like these Stu. Stunning.

    As widespread as Redshank and Oystercatchers! Amazing.


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