13 June 2011

Another Sunday in the grasslands

We were up in the grasslands at Oshamanbe and Yakumo again yesterday, they really are wonderful places at this time of year.

I'd targeted 3 species to get a decent photo of (all 3 lacking from the 'album'. Wryneck, Long Tailed Rosefinch and Eastern Marsh Harrier. I saw the former in the distance only and didn't see a single harrier all day. I did get a nice-ish Rosefinch shot out of the car window, it even perched in front of a nice background for me too as you can see above.

Lots of birds singing. The above is an Oriental Cuckoo, there were also Common Cuckoo, all the common warblers (including loads of Black Browed Reed Warbler, they really seem common this year and also lots of Grays Grasshopper Warbler). The Lathams Snipes are still perching on roadside lights.

Another very common summer visitor today was Pacific Swift, they were everywhere..........

Other birds today included a Hobby at Oshamanbe, Osprey, Great Egret, Common Reed and Chestnut Eared Buntings, Narcissus Flycatcher (at Onuma), Black Crowned Night Heron (in Ono in the morning and evening) and lots and lots and lots of Siberian Stonechat which are very tame in mid June just before the young leave the nests.

It was rather warm yesterday, I got sunburn............

If you are bored (at home or better still at work) try game number 1941 on Freecell. It's f***ing impossible (there is a solution but I'm yet to find it).

No sport at the weekend to watch/listen to. That wasn't so good.

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  1. Super rosefinch photo but love the swifts!

  2. No sport at the weekend? What about Lewis Hamilton and Formula Farce in the rain? Like you say Stonechats and lots of others can be a bit more approachable when there are young in the nest.

  3. Rosefinch steals the show.
    I saved those Pacific Swifts in my computer for later use. We do get them in small numbers and I need one for my list.

  4. Thanks for the comments........

    Phil-can't say I'm a fan of motorsport (hell I don't even have a drivers licence!)...............

  5. Wow the opening shot is just stunning! I've still yet to see this beautiful male Long-tailed Rosefinch!

  6. Wow nice serie! Great bird very nicelly captured Stu!

  7. I love birds and I just found the perfect place to admire them. Thanks for such wonderful pictures and details.


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