24 June 2011

Slow time a comin'

A quiet week birdwise in Hakodate, the Red Cheeked Starlings have left the nest and were the main focus of the last few days, in a week or so there won't be much happening in Hakodate until the waders pass through in another 6 or 7 weeks time.

The Starlings were everywhere. These are all males.

This is a common summer visitor to Hokkaido but it has a very restricted range, Hokkaido is probably the only place where it is common.

There were a few fledgelings hanging around waiting to be fed.

Both males and females were on hand.

The birding is very predictable in town this time of year, I saw all the 20 or so species one would expect to find with the exception of Night Heron, hopefully a few young ones will appear on the river in July.

Here is a very scruffy Bullheaded Shrike that was hunting in the bushes along the river.

Not much else to report. Annoyingly noisy neighbours, I hope the little brat upstairs gets given some tranquilizers soon (or at least a playstation). I watched 'Fire in Babylon' which was rather interesting. Otherwise...........nothing much really.

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  1. Nice Starlings Stu, I'll swop for our Commons if you like. Noisy and nosy neighbours we have them too - doesn't everyone?

  2. As I previously said, this starling is much more prettier than our European one, isn't it?? Iðd love to see it.. But the shrike is also quite impressive with nice colors. Is it as big as the European ones?

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Phil: not nosy, just noisy...........but very.

    Chris: The European one is a rare vagrant to Hokkaido, the shrike is about the same size as a Red Backed I think.

  4. Starlings look neat and photogenic. I wish our endemic White-faced Starling behaved like that! It often settles in canopy giants and are too far away from my reach.

    Have you watched Little Fockers?
    Hope you'll watch some sport today.

  5. Hi Galllcissa, well the 20-20 against your fine countrymen is some time today, if it isn't a D/N game I will try and find a live feed on the internet somewhere (or listen to TMS on BBC at a pinch).

    You'll thrash us in the ODIs, just wait and see.

  6. England should have played Bell and been a bit more aggressive in bowling. We are no push overs when it comes to shorter forms of the game.

  7. Sri Lanka vs. Japan under 20 rugby match is now on at:

  8. Hi Galllcissa, ah just missed the game................

    Sri Lanka will win the 50 over series 4-1 or maybe even 5-0, England are woeful these days except in Test matches, I fancy us to draw 1-1 with India in the forthcoming series and finish the year as #2 in the Test rankings. As for ODIs we could be down at #6 or #7.

  9. Japan won 54-29. As expected they were too tough for us. What do they feed the Japanese rugby players there, whale meat? Anyway, it was a great come back considering we were thrashed 92-3 last year! My mate no.13 scored a 90m try through an interception in the last minute.

    My one day prediction is SL will win it 3-2, if they play Anderson and Bell.


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