16 January 2011

More wintry stuff

A bit of a short entry today, I'm a bit tired and there's loads of footy on the TV.

A quick look at Yakumo this afternoon. I was expecting another eaglefest but there didn't seem to be so many as last week, where did they all go?

A lot did seem to be hiding in the snowladen trees..........like these adult Stellers Sea Eagles.

It was snowing yet again with very grey skies but I did manage a few BIFs, like this young White Tailed Eagle.

To complete the eagle set (well 3 out of 4, no Golden Eagles which are very rare in Hokkaido) here's a distant Mountain Hawk Eagle...................

The usual winter stuff was present including Rook and Daurian Jackdaw, here's one of the latter........both these usually rather scarce species of crow seem to be not so scarce this winter........

And this was a Great Egret at Onuma earlier in the day...........

Not a lot of colour today then...............hopefully I'll find some more Waxwings in Hakodate this week.

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  1. Great serie againg Stu. 3rd image is pretty impressive, well captured ;)

  2. I really like the fourth shot, Stu! It's a sharp BIF with a really nice background. The Mountain Hawk-Eagle is a nice find as well. I still haven't seen it in Japan yet. I also tried to find the Daurian Jackdaw whenever I think there is possibility, but still fail to see one.

  3. Ive been following your blog for about a year now. Enjoy it very much.
    Especially the raptors.
    I live in Tokyo wildlife is a bit scarce.

    I am off to hokkaido in feb kushiro rausu etc hoping for pack ice. Is it a cold winter this year?
    Hope your back is improving.

  4. Hey Stu. It was me who posted the link on the SBGu thread on facebook...hope you don't mind.


  5. Hi Zac, no problem, hey I got to be mentioned in the same thread as Lee Evans et al.............

    Hi Peter, yes it's pretty cold this winter, lots and lots of snow even down here in Hakodate..........


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