22 January 2011


I  once again braved snowdrifts and blizzards and was rewarded with the 199th species on my Hakodate list. 2 Lapland Buntings had been seen on a small beach in town, I went there a couple of days ago but couldn't find them (the waves were very high on the beach I think meaning they couldn't forage there) but today I saw them within a minute of arriving............

They were very unobtrusive and easy to miss. In fact they were pretty tame but after a few minutes a huge blizzard hit and I was forced off the beach, back through the snowdrifts and sought refuge in a convenience store. After an hour's really heavy snow I gave up and trudged back to the station for my 4 minute ride home (If I didn't have a slipped disc and it wasn't snowing so much I would have walked).

Thanks to Kim for the directions to find it..........

So 199! I wonder what #200 will be? Great Grey Shrike on Sunday maybe?

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  1. Now that's a much better find!
    The bunting looks really cute. Hope you'll get a nice sunny day soon, so you'll be able to show us some more gorgeous shots ;-)

  2. Congrat on this #199, those image are very nice Stu :)

  3. Thanks for the comments, yup I may try for these again on a sunnier day................


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