6 December 2010


Thanks to Tomohiro for driving me up to Yakumo yesterday and waiting patiently as I limped behind him. There were plenty of eagles again but apart from a couple of White Tailed Eagles here most of them were high in the sky............

Rather mild here, it appears the UK has gotten our snow and ice. You can keep it for a couple of weeks until I get back.............

My leg still hurts and I can only hobble around and there is still loads of construction noise outside but i'll try not to moan. As much.

I've hardly been out of the house, I struggled down to the river for 10 minutes the other day, there were a few Hawfinches but not much else around.

I've watched most of the Ashes so far, god I hope we can go 1-0 up tomorrow. Online 'illegal' streaming is excellent (although it occasionally goes off), I've been watching most of the Sky's broadcasting.

I've also been watching 'Mid Morning Matters' on youtube, Alan Partridge's new online comedy.

See, if I hadn't f***ed up my lumbar disc I wouldn't have watched all the cricket. One silver lining. Mind you i'd prefer to watch the cricket without any back or leg pain at all.

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  1. Wow still these shots are great Stu! same over here although we are now getting temps around -12°C!! but no snow!

  2. Send us the eagles and you can have your snow back. Shame about Ricky though?

  3. Very nice image Stu, those are pretty looking eagle! We are now under snow here to...but its "normal"...

  4. Nice to see that you've been out again! I can also feel that this winter is much milder than the last one. Hope you'll have a great time in the UK!

  5. Thanks for the comments.............

    Hi Phil, hey we did it, beat them in a 'live' game in Australia for the first time since 1986!

  6. Yeah, ok, congratulations to England for winning the test. I wish I could see some white-tails up close too. Super pics. I haven't watched any cricket because I'm forbidden to subscribe due to my location. I can pay $34.95au for an audio feed but I think not. Wish you you better health. I'll be in oz for the 4th and 5th tests but neither the weather or team look good.

  7. Hi Russell, who said anything about paying????


    Check out that link, you may need to download a player called 'veetle' which gives excellent quality pictures. 'Sopcast' is sometimes OK too.


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