8 December 2010

Japanese Waxwings

A quick hobble over to a small park near my flat today resulted in a nice find: a flock of 6 Japanese Waxwing. Note the red tip to the tail and the yellow flash on the belly (adults only) which distinguish it from Bohemian Waxwings (which tend to be much commoner in Hokkaido).

They were mostly high up in the trees against a grey sky but this individual came down a bit just as some afternoon sunshine peeked out from behind a cloud............

Great result in the cricket, not counting my chickens yet though. The last time England won a series in Australia I was in my first year at University, it seems like a lifetime ago. I was also 15kg lighter and 24 years younger...............

I wish the Botham v Chappell fight was on youtube somewhere.

Still fairly mild in Hakodate and no snow in town.

My back and leg are still f***ed and outside is still construction  noise hell.

But you just gotta love Waxwings................

Not much else around on my very short walk (my right leg hurts after 10 or so paces so I have to walk very slowly with lots of stops). Several Hawfinch and a few Dusky Thrush and that's about it.

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  1. Lovely waxwing photos. The ashes on the other hand.... :(

  2. Hi there!
    It's been a while... love those pics! never seen a Waxwing

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Mark-still 3 games to go, you never know. After all these years of pain I can't accept England have actually won it until they've won it if you see what I mean ............anyway you dominated world cricket for 15 or so years so you've always got that to fall back on.

    Mel-the nearest ones to you would be a long long long way north........

  4. What an excellent series of photos.

  5. Wow these are all great shots Stu! Waxwings are just adorable. I wish I can find some around here. I went to check the place where another birder saw it in March, but still didn't find one.

  6. So you finally got waxwings ;-) Not the bohemian thought but the Japanese is also very nice indeed. I did not even know there was a Japanese one until recently ;-) I know it's hard to get pictures as they are often highly perched but yours are still very nice... Well done Stu!

  7. I really like the looks of your waxwing photos. Nice indeed.

  8. Gotta love those waxwings for sure. Excellent photographs. I've only ever seen one Bohemian on my way to the supermarket two years ago. Would love to get photos as half as good as these.

  9. Fabulous shots Stu and I think there are still a few Bohemians (birds that is)in Preston to make you feel at home.

  10. That's a beautiful bird! You've captured nice moments too. What's that berry it's eating?


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