20 December 2010

On this day (December 20th)....................

December 20th 2006.

Ural Owl at Omuma. This was a digiscoped shot, just after I'd finally got a decent tripod. Shutter speed was exactly 1 second!

This is one of 3 Owl holes we know, this particular location is very close to the road. Other Owls have used it since (or is it still the same individual?).



  1. Great shot and sigting. Owls are cool!

  2. So cute! Seems you are enjoying your days. I am having kind of dull days since it hasn't been nice weather every weekend for nearly a month. I miss the sea! And you, maybe?
    See you on the water, or Hakodate!!!

  3. Wonderful portrait. A great result for a one second digiscoped bit. Only ever seen one of these flying alonside the car about 5 years ago.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Hi birrd, I'm in the UK now and it's colder than Hokkaido!!!!!!!!!!!!


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