23 March 2009

Hangovers, browser issues and Crossbills

A short post today, not much to update and plus I feel like sh*t after a heavy one last night.

The Crossbills continued to be the main birds of interest in Hakodate this last week. there are 2 or 3 different groups and in amongst the biggest group was this individual.

Is it a White Winged Crossbill? I'm not really sure. I posted some pics on the ID section over at birdforum. Some disagreements as to whether it's just a Common Crossbill or the (much scarcer) White Winged Crossbill. No less of an authority than Mark Brazil suggested it was the latter. I still haven't decided if I can put it on the list or not.

The Crossbills were as entertaining as ever. These shots were spread over several days......

Not much else around. A male Gadwall was probably the most interesting.......

I had a really nasty hangover today. Last night I had a nomihodai. This was actually the first word I learned in Japanese. It basically means a set price for all you can drink within a specified time limit.I drank way too much of course (and continued drinking afterward in another place) and the resulting hangover was not pretty I can tell you.

I also deleted my homepage/second blog. I copied all the files before I did the deed but now they won't upload to the internet so they're gone forever. All the links in previous posts won't work anymore. I thought my new blog was looking OK but apparently it doesn't show properly in Internet Explorer. It works fine in firefox/safari but not IE7. Why are things always so complicated?

So Man U lost last night. If Liverpool can beat Villa tonight the end of the season may be exciting after all.........

*edited to add* OMG 5-0, if they win their next game they'll go top briefly. In fact their next 3 league games are before the Man U games, if they continue winning the pressure will be on Man U for sure. IF they keep winning that is.


  1. Nomihodai will be so unprofitable for the bars over here! I was trying to visit your new blog and couldn't. I left a comment in your previous post about it. Are you going to get another blog like that made?

  2. Hi Gallicissa, were you trying to visit the blog I deleted last week? I actually have a (newer) new blog which is linked on the right, I was having some software issues with the older one.

    The new one apparently doesn't display well in IE though (on Firefox it's fine).

  3. Yes I visited that one not knowing that it has been deleted. I found you new new blog and have updated my links.

  4. Hi Stuart,

    Just checking.. Did you receive my e-mail regarding NHK??

    Hope your pc is working alright..


  5. Hi Megumi, no I didn't get any e-mail........

  6. Hi again Megumi, yes it was in my spam folder.......I sent you a reply.

  7. Hi Stuart
    In case you did not get my e-mail of 26/Mar.. NHK will show our photos on 27/Mar !! Watch out !

    Meg from London

  8. Thanks for that Megumi. Hope they pronounce my name properly.........

  9. Actually..............they didn't mention me at all. 2 pictures lifted (nay stolen) off my blog were on prime time Japanese TV and not even a mention of my name. Nowt. Nothing. Zilch.The presenters even talked about them for about 60 seconds. But...........

    Perhaps I can sue the thieving bastards.

    I should stop paying my NHK fee.......


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