2 November 2018

A quiet week in late autumn

It's been a quiet week in town. In the local park there were 3 Wigeon (above), 4 Pochard, 1 Pintail and 1 Mallard with the resident Spot-billed Ducks as well as a couple of Little Grebe. On the river were 1 Great Egret, 1 Grey Heron, a small flock of Rustic Bunting and lone Daurian Redstart (male) and Red-flanked Bluetail.

Not much on the edge of town either. Last Monday at Kamiiso there was a big flock of Wigeon and 5 species of gull including Glaucous-winged. The ricefields were quiet too although there were a few Rooks in the crow flocks feeding in the stubble...............


  1. I guess you do miss the spectacle of 30,000 pinkies. Not much to see at the moment though Stu. Out of sight in quiet field where the shooters can't get to them. The morning flights are good though.

    1. Well I saw 1 White-fronted Goose a couple of weeks ago..............


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