27 October 2016

On this day (October 27th)....................

October 27th 2013.

A Mugimaki Flycatcher in the autumnal glow at Onuma 3 years ago today.

This is a male I think, the species is a scarce but regular passage migrant in Japan, I see one every couple of years or so. This individual was the first bird I photographed with my then brand new 500 f4 lens.............a pretty nice subject.


  1. What a beautiful capture of this sweet Flycatcher.:)

  2. I saw this species in Vietnam, and it seemed exotic based in the name alone!

    1. It does have a nice name, its name comes from the Japanese word for wheat, meaning they mainly appear in autumn I guess..............or I may be totally wrong.

  3. It's a little cracker Stu. I'm thinking that the yellow breast works in its favour in the dappled sunlight of woodland.

  4. A fine species to "christen" the lens with !


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