3 September 2016

Local specialities

Hakodate is famous for seafood and in particular crab...................the Black Tailed Gull above fits in nicely then.

Not much else around, here's some Red Necked Stint, part of a small flock at Kamiiso this morning.


  1. Beautiful shot of the Black-tailed Gull (not Black Tailed Gull, which would be something else entirely) with the crab. Could be called a Red-tipped Gull!

  2. Hello Stuart!:)Great shot of the gull, and lovely soft colours in your photo.

  3. Hope there are enough crabs to go round? can't beat a nice crab soup or crab sandwich.

    Daily Telegraph actually.

    1. Too fiddly to eat, Im more of a lobster man myself.

      Actually I would read the Telegraph if it wasn't behind a paywall...........


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