1 September 2016

Back through the typhoon #1

We headed home through the typhoon...............

It wasn't that bad, very windy with some driving rain. There were a couple of gaps in the weather however and during one gap we found a flock of Red Necked Stints on Usu Beach.

It was difficult to hold the camera steady in the wind.

Near Oshamanbe there were more Red Necked Stints and a couple of lone Whimbrels on different beaches.

Whilst photographing this one a flock of several hundred flew over...................


  1. The Red-necked Stint (not Red Necked Stint) is a very attractive little bird. Kudos to you for stopping to take pictures under the conditions you were facing.

  2. you did really well to get these great shots considering the wind conditions

  3. Dedication is the name of tour game Stu. Most people would have wound up the window and headed home. Instead your devotion to duty produced fine shots of the stints. Not bad Whimbrel either!

  4. The Red Necked Stints are real cute.


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