30 November 2015

A grey hungry Monday

A grey early winter day saw us pop out for a couple of hours.............

I can't eat much today but I could look for birds at least. The above male Black Woodpecker gave us very close views but it was impossible to get a clear shot, just as I was about to it flew off.

The Ural Owl was there again.

We watched it fly out of its hole and start hunting yesterday but taking photos was out of the question.................

In the ricefields we saw flocks of Rook, a female Merlin and a couple of (Eastern? Japanese? Common?) Buzzards.

Still no real wintry weather, must be something in these global warming rumours folk keep talking about.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Margaret, today is liquid only diet, the 'fun' starts tomorrow...............

  2. I really like the woodpecker shot.

  3. The flight shot of the woodpecker is superb.

    1. It was pure luck and quite by accident. If only it had been in focus and with a higher shutter speed..........


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