23 March 2015

The last breath of winter......................

Some late blizzards hit Hakodate today, probably the last this winter......................

A bit quiet birdwise, a Mandarin Duck in Kamiiso was the first of the year but not much else of note except these 2 White Fronted Geese.........

They were behind some factory, protected by a mesh fence. These pics were taken with the lens jammed up against the wiring in a freezing howling wind..................and they didn't turn out bad all things considered.

I've seen a lot of geese the last couple of weeks, I'm still hoping to see one of the rarer ones like Snow or Canada Goose (which has not been introduced here in Japan).


  1. Excellent! I like Whitefronts - not seen any this winter. It has been a relatively mild one here. There is a Ross's Goose not too far from me but they are always deemed to be of dubious origin.
    Spring is a bit late - first Wheatears for Lothian reported today but no White Wagtails moving through yet.
    The Harlequin Duck is still in Aberdeen - could be tempted if it moults into full adult plumage.

    1. Hi Stuart, it was a very mild winter here too except for the odd cold day here and there. Harlequin Ducks may colonise Scotland, you never know!

  2. Seems almost odd to hear you talk of Canada Geese as a rarity!

  3. That third picture is particularly lovely :)


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