9 June 2013

The other Reed Warbler

A Black Browed Reed Warbler at Oshamanbe this afternoon. This is one of my favourite summer visitors, I much prefer it to its noisier relative the Oriental Reed Warbler..............

They are abundant in the grasslands in summer, really they are incredibly common in the right habitat. You can see how they get their name..............

Most of the regular stuff was around including an Eastern Marsh Harrier that was very closse but still managed to drift away before I was ready to take a shot. I see this species pretty much every time I visit the right habitat but still haven't managed anything other than blurry record shots.

It was a very clear hot day, easily the warmest of the year so far. Despite visiting Kamiiso, Yakumo, Oshamabe and Onuma (and several other places en route) it was not a successful day with the camera, I must have used up all my luck for 2013 in those few days back in the middle of May.

England are going to bore Australia into submission in the Ashes.

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  1. Nice Black-browed Reed Warblers.... they don't sing when they pass through here, but they respond pretty well to "pishing"..

  2. Really nice shots. I heard one bird singing about 2 weeks ago, but couldn't manage to see it though. At least that was more than enough to prove the first record for Beppu.

  3. Good looking warbler and great shots. I must watch carefully as I guess the ones near my home are just the orientals. I only ever see marsh harriers here in the winter and I too, only have record shots.

  4. Sounds like your harriers are as shy as ours Stu. Wish our reed Warblers were as obliging as yours though.


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