7 June 2013

Slow time

Some of the 7 or 8 singing Oriental Reed Warblers as I walk upstream from my apartment. For such a loud noisy bird they are pretty shy and drop down into the long grass as soon as they realize they are being watched.

Slow time in Hakodate is here. Just the dozen or so local breeders in town now. Other singing species included Black Faced and Chestnut Eared Bunting and  lots of Oriental Greenfinch. Lots of Red Cheeked Starlings around too as well as the common stuff like Bullheaded Shrike, Eastern Great Tit, Asian House Martin, Tree Sparrow, Brown Eared Bulbul, Spot Billed Duck and the 2 resident species of crow and gull.

Hopefully I can get out off town at the weekend, the weather has been great this week and the ricefields, grasslands and rivers should have a few more birds at least.................

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  1. You've captured them singing beautifully. Isn't it such a change from winter colours?

  2. Second one is really belting it out! Know what you mean about it being slow - spring was so late and all of a sudden there are chicks about. Never mind, the waders will be coming back through soon.

  3. Lots of juveniles around here, too.

    Roll on autumn !

  4. I love the warblers mid song! I stumbled on your site looking for images of narcissus flycatchers. My friend and I saw one in Toyohira koen in Sapporo today. It's awesome to find other Hokkaido birders! Especially as both my friend and I live in the southwest as well!

    1. Hi Dori, really you live near Hakodate?

    2. Yes! I live in Mori Machi. I m only a tag along birder, my friend is very passionate about it. She has been teaching me quite a bit. We are very jealous/awed that you spotted those black footed albatross! We had no idea there was another birder so close to where we live.

    3. I didn't really find the albatross myself, it was on a pelagic trip run by a birding group in Sapporo.

      There are quite a few birders around. There is at least one in Mori who I often see around, he sometimes has exhibitions of his photos in Hakodate. He runs a restuarant in Mori.There are several others in Hakodate as well as Yakumo and other places..........

  5. Nice shots again, Stu. I just wish they are more approachable like this around here....


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