18 June 2013

Summer in the grasslands

An Eastern Marsh Harrier near Oshamanbe on Sunday.

After Yakumo we were on the grasslands near Oshamanbe. All the common species were singing and there were also flocks of Sand Martin above.

Black Browed Reed Warblers are absolutely abundant in this place.................

I took a short video on a rickety old tripod..............

This was another individual which seems to have lost most of  its tail

Back at Yakumo I tried again for the Ospreys. One of them was sitting on some driftwood on the opposite bank..................too far away for a pic though.

Wish it had been as close as this Black Kite..............

On the way home we stopped at Onuma where I got my first mosquito bite of 2013.

There was a lone Whooper Swan sitting in the shade next to the lake. I guess this is an old or injured bird that couldn't make the spring trip back up north.

Or maybe it was just lazy.................

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  1. Lovely shots of the reed warbler! It looks really funny with that short tail.

  2. Nice harrier. We only get them here in winter. We shouldn't take the black kites for granted. I haven't even seen many of them recently and I miss them when they're not around. Your piictures are great and show how handsome they actually are up close. All your warblers are in full song, which looks cool -great effort!

  3. Love the shots of the kite! Beautiful!

  4. Great series of birds and photos.

  5. fabulous photos; so many to enjoy; thanks for sharing your bird bounty; great swamp harrier shot!

  6. Beautiful pictures of the singing Reed Warbler .
    Kind regards, Irma

  7. Big female EMH, I guess..... they're all gone from here by mid-April.

    The Black-browed Reed Warblers are great beasts, too.

  8. Oh those darling little reed warblers! Lovely of you to take the little video, it makes such a difference to those of us in a remote corner of the world. Always better to be happy, than the alternative and even a tail-less bird still has a voice and can enjoy life.
    Lively photos as always . . .

  9. Thanks for all the comments..............

  10. or maybe it had been bitten by a mosquito and could not fly!

    Nice post. The kite is superb!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. I'm sure the poor swan was a diner buffet for the local mozzies............

  11. Crivvens! It's gone comment mental. Deserved though. Harrier BIF is great - nothing like the ones at L.Moss! Weird to see the swan in amongst such greenery.

  12. Hi Stu just discovered your site on WBW and have now joined yours. your photographer is superb. Those shots of warblers and birds of Prey are wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more photos. Margaret

  13. Now I can say I've seen the black-browed reed warbler ;-) But you got better pictures than I did ;-) Well done Stu and I do love the shots of the black kite a lot....

  14. Just brilliant Black Kite shots Stu. It certainly gave you a good inspection though.


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