11 October 2011

On this day (October 11th)...........

October 11th 2009.
Black Legged Kittiwake

A Black Legged Kittiwake at Yakumo 2 years ago. There were big flocks of them making landfall in the area during October /November 2009 and some of the flocks contained the rare Red Legged Kittiwake (not seen by me alas).

A very quiet month so far this year..............nothing around my apartment and I caught a nasty cold and couldn't get out much at the weekend (apparently lots of migrants on Mt Hakodate on Sunday, I was at home sneezing so hard I now have backache).

On a brief foray out I did see a Kittiwake at Shikabe on Sunday as well as an Oriental Honey Buzzard but no photos worth posting............hence this old one. Last week I was at Shikabe as well, on both occasions the Japanese Green Pigeons were present but not posing for photos. Nowt much at Onuma either, some migrating White-eye, thrushes and the common resident species...........I got my last mozzie bite of 2011 (I hope) there on Sunday.

A few ducks around, my wife saw 5 Scaup on the moat in Goryokaku Park (I've never seen them there) and Teal and Tufted Duck numbers are slowly building. No Night Herons, or maybe they are still hiding.

I redesigned the blog, it's wider and the pics are bigger. I had to go back manually and change the last 2 years' posts (so that the photos weren't tiny thumbnails floating in sea of blackness), such a boring task it felt like I was at work or something. I gave up around May 2009.............

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  1. Lovely, sharp BIF.
    I think the new design does justice to your photographs.

  2. Thanks Galllcissa, yes I prefer the wider design, on today's higher res monitors the older design looked awfully thin.

  3. Guess I'd have to change my monitor to keep up with your new design too! Kittiwake is a nice bird that I'm still waiting for a chance to see one.

  4. Good BIF Stu, really captures the bird's expression.

  5. Great Kittiwake, Stu !

    It's the air-con on the bus or train that does me in usually.

  6. Beautiful kittiwake... It is quite clam over here at the moment. We need some huge depression to get nice things in ;-)


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