23 October 2011

A dark Sunday in October

A drake Harlequin Duck on the coast to the east of Hakodate. This is a spot I visit every autumn to see the Harlequins, one day they'll sit still striking nice poses on a sunny day. Today was not that day.

It was a dark dreary sort of day, not so good for photos. We stopped off in one of the larger city parks on the way to the ducks. There were lots of common autumn birds including Jay, Nuthatch and these 3 species of Tit. Eastern Great Tit, Coal Tit and Varied Tit. It was very very dark and the ISO was bumped up for these shots, they do look very very grainy......

God, watching Liverpool was frustrating last night. Another 2 points dropped. I make that 9 points already dropped this season in games when they missed LOTS of chances.

Hope the Manc derby is good tonight, it kicks off in about 20 minutes. Rooney to get another red card? Tevez and Gary Neville to come to blows in the stands?

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  1. Great photographs. Don't look grainy to me. Not compared to film anyhow.

  2. Lovely shots of the Harlequin as usual!
    We also got a series of grey days down here as well. Luckily it just got sunny (and cold!) today.


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