23 August 2009

Wader Season #2

One of several groups of Red Necked Stints up at Oshamanbe this afternoon.

I couldn't get so close to them, the darn things kept flying away.........

Here is a pic of the maestro at work.........

Other species of wader on the same bit of beach included these 2 species: Mongolian Plover and Grey Tailed Tattler.

I get a lifer today, Long Toed Stint. A group of 3. Here's a record shot.

And here's another record shot of a Greenshank (?) at Kamiso a couple of days ago. This was a local tick that I misidentified as a Marsh Sandpiper at first..............

Bizarre find of the day was this. Some kind of weasel in a railway waiting room (this shot was through the dirty window).

I assume it is a wild creature, it disappeared pretty sharpish when I opened the door.......

I'm watching the cricket, god it's tense stuff. Those 2 run-outs have helped me relax a bit but I'm still a nervous wreck. C'mon England just finish it.


  1. I enjoyed zooming in to you pics especially the Long-toed Stint. I am yet to see it.

    Well done England! My Ashes prediction: 2-1 in favour of England worked!

    I missed the match yesterday as went on a shorebird trip. Had one lifer in the form of Brown Noddy.

    With England's win, Sri Lanka has climbed to No.2 slot in the ICC Test Rankings. Nice.

  2. I watched almost all the Ashes Series live on an internet feed from ESPN Hong Kong (with surprisingly high quality that almost never crashed) but as Australia's second innings began to build yesterday I couldn't watch it for a couple of hours, the tension was too much.....

    Sri Lanka have been strong for a while but didn't know they were #2. Ahead of India too!!!!!

  3. I watched the Ashes in Star Cricket.

    About rankings see: http://www.cricinfo.com/ci-icc/content/current/story/421843.html

    You may also enjoy this: http://blogs.cricinfo.com/andyzaltzman/archives/2009/08/england_set_for_oddest_ashes_w.php

  4. Hehehe I like the picture of you SCE hahaha

  5. Fantastic, outplayed by Australia for big parts of the series yet still 2-1 winners. Strauss was great and everyone chipped in (Bopara and Cook excepted). Now looking forward to the inevitable 5-0 whitewash over here next year where I will get it rubbed in everyday in the office.

  6. Hi Simon, yes enjoy it while you can. Dunno about 5-0 next time though, the Australians don't look so good really. That doesn't mean to say I think we'll win or anything but it won't be 5-0.

    I wonder if 'Super' Mitchell Johnson will be England's leading run scorer with all his wides and no-balls?


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