17 July 2009

More house-building


Not much around this week, heavy rain has meant the river is swollen so the Night Heron has nowhere to stand. These Asian House Martins were gathering mud in some of the puddles....




Just watching the second day of the second test............England's 10 and 11 got some unexpected runs and Australia 22/2 at lunch..........hmmmmmm..............


  1. The Barn Swallows in my area are very sim in the way they behave on nest building.

    Great Shots.

  2. Great shots. The monsoon is bringing heavy rain here too.

    Looks like we will have a result in this test. England should aim to declare with a lead of 700 by lunch time.

  3. I knew they should've batted on a bit. Just knew it. They should have left Australia with ZERO chance to win the game. Now this big Clark/Haddin partnership is building and I'm getting rather nervous.........

    If England lose this (and it sure as hell isn't going to be a draw) I'll give up watching cricket forever.

  4. You don't have to give up watching cricket forever now. What a match!

  5. Yup, plus I can go to bed at a normal time tonight too.........


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