12 April 2009

A very quiet week........

Good old reliable Nuthatches. A Wryneck at Asabu and a male Black Woodpecker at Onuma were nowhere near as co-operative and the blurry out of focus pictures have already been deleted off my hard drive and memory card........

It was a gorgeous warm spring day and we headed over to Asabu. The Ospreys were already on the nest but as you can see it is a long way off.

A 100% crop a minute or so later reveals the 2 birds on top of the stack.

Asabu is a good place in summer for birds but today there really wasn't much about. The Wryneck and Ospreys were the only noteworthy species. The only singing species was the hordes of Skylark. They were everywhere.

And there were a few Red Breasted Mergansers in the nearby fishing harbours too........

It's been a quiet week in Hakodate, even though the weather has been pretty good I haven't been out so much. My business has picked up quite nicely plus my wife is working full-time so taking pics of birds is taking a bit of a back seat.

I saw the last Crossbill (a flyover male) on Tuesday but there was a flock of 5 in the local park on Monday including this tame individual......

Shame they seem to have gone. The most photographed bird of the year so far in Hakodate this year and I'm already hoping they return next winter (they've been common the last two winters but were absent for the three before yet common the three before that).

Otherwise not much at all. A singing Japanese Bush Warbler on Friday was the first of the year and the lone adult Night Heron was in the same place most of the week.

And groups of Teal have been courting on the local river, here's a male.

The first Bullheaded Shrikes appeared too and a few winter ducks were still hanging on in Kamiso this morning (Scaup mainly).

Bad result for Liverpool against Chelsea the other night and now Man U seem to have uncovered another annoying young south European. Damn.

Another busy week coming up...........


  1. Hi Stuart,
    Your photos are really great!!

    I had an interesting experience on Sunday. A Nuthatch ate out of my hand at Onuma.
    I begin to like a bird watching!!

  2. Hola Stuart,
    That Heron looks very nice, I like his pose :)


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