26 April 2009

Another very quiet week....

Today it was snowing. All day, heavy slushy wet sleety snow. In late April. Global warming my a*se.

So we didn't go out anywhere today..........I tried redoing some of my photo galleries on my main website but I'm still not 100% happy. The page isn't finished yet, these are made using Rapidweaver. I tried Apples MobileMe but didn't really like the gallery styles there, ditto iphoto. Adobe Lightroom's galleries are great (some are linked on the right) but I can't automatically sync or update them. Should I try SmugMug? Dunno.

Sorry that last paragraph was so boring. The whole of the week has been pretty dull. A very very quiet week, awful weather combined with a busy working schedule meant I didn't get out much. I managed to get up Mt Hakodate again on Friday on the only sunny day of the week, not much around, you can see photos of the day here.

A few summer migrants arriving this week (the first Red Cheeked Starlings and Short Tailed Bush Warblers) but not much happening in the way of photos, except for the chipmunks again. They fulfill the same role as the Nuthatches at Onuma, wild fauna but tame and photogenic and useful for padding out blog posts when there's not much else going on......

Somebody tossed some food to this one, what is it? A lychee?

Lots of Red Flanked Bluetails on the trails but these are turning into a bit of a photographic bogey species.

So, er, that's it. Man U are going to win the Premier League. I missed both Liverpool's recent 4-4 draws (both on in the middle of the night here). Actually I did get up to watch the end of the Champions League game against Chelsea. I woke up and sleepily checked the latest score on my cellphone browser and it was 4-3 to Liverpool with 5 minutes to go! I got up just in time to see Lampard's goal that killed off the tie.........

I hope the weather improves this week, I have 5 days off from Wednesday. The migration season tends to pick up dramatically in the last 3 or 4 days of April so fingers crossed.........


  1. The photos in your gallery are very nice. You should be proud. I also like the photos here and this chipmunk looks really nice.

  2. Hokkaido? It just dawned on me where you are. I was at Sapporo at Camp Crawford in the US Army. I never got around much but all I remember about it was that it was very cold. 1953.

    The Hamlet of Gordon


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