30 July 2008

A quiet end to a quiet month.......

A very young Night Heron (judging by the fluff on top of its' head) on the river this afternoon. I haven't done anything of note since my last post, indeed I've barely left the neighbourhood. Not much in the way of birds around of course, July being July. Grey Wagtails are the most interesting (after the Night Herons of course).

I'm struggling for pictures. As you can see from the following selection.

A baby Spot Billed Duck, a turtle of some description and a Bullheaded Shrike rescued in photoshop.

There was a huge storm and rather a big earthquake last week. Both at night, both woke me up. I also watched the movie 'doomsday' which was laughably bad. I mean it was just stupid. After all those decent/semi-decent post-apocalyptic thrillers like 'Children of men' and '28 days later' the director/writer obviously thought he was onto a winner. Throw in some pop culture references, some 80's stuff (Mad Max and the soundtrack), cannibals, a cute lead actress, Bob Hoskins and wotisname Mcdowell and that posh guy from Star Trek Deep Space 9........it had to be a goer right? Nope. What a load of crap. I have 'The Ruins' up next.

A couple of posts ago I sneered at the stupidity of putting up anti-drug posters in a land where hardly anyone uses drugs. Now we have this anti-gun poster. I don't have the figures handy but I'd bet Japan has the lowest gun crime rates in the developed world. Perhaps the poster is suggesting we shouldn't shoot robots.

My wife got the Canon 450D today. It's nicer than mine (the 400D, the previous model) and no, she won't let me use it. I did however persuade her to add a nifty fifty (a cheap 50m F1.8 lens) to the shopping cart (it was only about $80) which I'll use to take some shots of the big festival in Hakodate this weekend. It's at night so I'll need a fast lens........

Roll on August and the arrival of the waders.........


  1. glad to see that you are enjoying your new iMac...it is such a sexy machine! You won't be disappointed with Aperture, it is a great program. Nice shots on the blog and flickr lately by the way. The 50mm 1.8 is a great lens. Very fast.

    Bird life is quiet here aswell and I really couldn't be arsed to update it but will do so at some point over the weekend. I am off to West Cork (Galley Head to be precise) for some seawatching...I really can't wait.

    Saw Tom Waits in concert last night...it was the best gig I have ever seen. He was just unbelievable. Genius.

    Robbie Keane and Torres to win the league for us this year..I am excited about this partnership.

  2. hehehe new gadgets makes us happy :)

    by the way, did u heard about nordmann's greenshank appeared in japan last month ?


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