21 July 2008

A Big Moth in front of my apartment

It's been a while since my last post. Not that I've been doing much exciting or anything. This big Moth was on the wall just next to my front door this evening. The sticky summer heat continues and I haven't been out much. The Black Browed Reed Warblers were still singing at Yunokawa earlier this week.

Out at Ono the summer birds were all still around, Night Heron, Chestnut Eared Bunting, Lathams Snipe and lots and lots of Stonechats. These pics were on a very grey afternoon a few days ago, the 'highlights/shadows' on photoshop almost rescued them.

My new imac is great. I've been watching a lot of live cricket, my first live cricket for six years believe it or not. Looks like England are in big trouble at Headingley. It's the first time I've ever seen Monty bowl.......

I've decided to go with Aperture over Lightroom to process my photos before I do my final edits in photoshop. Actually all the above were still processed with DPP/Photoshop as I'm still not 100% sure of all the commands in Aperture........but by the time I do my next post I should be up and running.

The wife is very busy so no car (plus it makes a horrible squealing noise, we need to get that checked). Not many birds either, no footy to watch. Thank the lord for the new imac then.


  1. I'm waiting for your next post! We were tempted by Aperture on the first i-store openned here in Lima just a couple of months ago...
    Please keep us posted on it, it seemed like a pretty cool tool :)

  2. What a beautiful blog. It seems you have a nice life in Tokaido... very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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