7 November 2007

The worst ever Eagles photo

We drove up to Yakumo today to check if the Eagles had arrived for the winter. They had. About 8-10 individuals (it should peak at around 60-70 in mid winter). 3 adult Stellers Sea Eagles, 2 adult White Taileds and 2 or 3 immatures. And they were miles away. This one disappeared just as I was getting the camera out of the car.

Hopefully in a month or 2 they'll be as co-operative as this individual was last January.

For more of these Eagle photos please go here

Other stuff I saw whilst looking out for the Eagles included lots of Brown Dipper, a pair of Black Throated Diver offshore and a few of the winter Ducks and Gulls. We finished up at Onuma. Sunsets are easier to shoot than mile high Eagles with crappy lenses.

So 8-0 last night wasn't a bad result.


  1. is that it- so it wasn't a bad result!! did you watch it? the other side couldn't break out of a paper bag!!!

  2. I was using my mastery of understatement. It won't even matter if they can't win their next 2.

    And if (or rather when) England get knocked out of Euro 2008 in a week or 2 I'll sulk and stop caring about all football for a while anyway.

    Yes the other side were bad.

  3. you should try supporting PNE, KP


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