30 November 2007

A walk in the forest

One of many Goldcrests today. Difficult things to photograph.

We spent a very pleasant day in the forest at Onuma. My wife was a bit worried as a Brown Bear had been seen here a few days ago (there were a few signs up). This was the largest mammal on view today.

There were lots of birds in the forest and on the lake. This was the most interesting bird and least pleasing photo of the day.

One of a group of 3 Common Crossbills atop some kind of evergreen. These were the first ones I've seen in ages (over 3 years in fact). For 3 consecutive springs they were everywhere in Hakodate and then none at all until today.20 or 30 Whooper Swans were on the lake, 2 Great White Egrets were lakeside, there were also single Goshawks and White Tailed Eagles, huge rafts of Goosander, Long Tailed Rosefinch, Siskin, all the common woodland stuff including the usual suspects.

Common woodland stuff being Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker (above), Great Spotted Woodpecker, Grey Headed Woodpecker, the 5 paridae species, Nuthatch and Treecreeper.

It was very sunny today but the lake is beginning to freeze so the ice was making strange whistling creaking noises.

If those shots look unoriginal try these 2.

At least the Goldcrests broke up the monotony a little. Here's a pic of me fondling the (borrowed) Canon 100-400. My wife prefers anonymity on this blog but she couldn't object to the sunset picture surely.

Yesterday in Hakodate was also good for birds. I saw 2 very late species (usually they're well gone by now)-Black Faced Bunting and Japanese Bush Warbler. Also around were Grey wagtail, Grey Starling, Hawfinch, Dusky Thrush, Brown Dipper amd this Common Kingfisher. I didn't have the big lens with me for these shots......

So that was November 2007. I got a nice new lens, was loaned an even better one, watched in utter horror as England f*#ked up big style, ate the nicest sushi I've had for ages, changed my fave beer brand from Sapporo back to Kirin, went to a hot spring resort and updated my ancient i-mac with an external DVD writer, USB webcam and a self procured copy of Tiger.


  1. Beautiful birds and nice scenery!
    English is not doing too bad here in Sri Lanka for they will surpass ourfirst inning score of 188!
    I know you were referring about footie. The latest news from here is play will be delayed due to heavy overnight rain.
    Stella, I started blogging recently. Would you like to exchange links ? My blog is http://gallicissa.blogspot.com

  2. Hi gallicissa. Noce blog you have there. I've added a link on the right...........you don't seem to have comments enabled on your blog.

    I'm sure Murali will have England in big trouble this afternoon..........if not at least he'll break Warne's record.

  3. Hi, s.c.e,

    Thanks for your comments and adding a link. I have added a link back.

    Thanks heaps for pointing out that I do not have comments enabled! I have been wondering why here haven't been any comments And that is why!!

    I had mistakenly kept this function diabled (which is stupid of me not to have checked!) and I have now corrected it. Thanks for that once again!

    Our guys delayed the declaration and Murali didn't have much bowling today. Ian, Paul and Kevin will have to bat long innings tomorrow. It will be tough going for England, as this is Murali's home grounds and being the 5th day.

    About the images getting opend in a seperate window - is it really a bug ? How did you correct it ?



    p.s. You have put two links for me my mistake (I don't mind, to be honest!)

  4. Hi, s.c.e,

    Comments are enabled now for those posts that were diasbled earlier.
    I have re-posted them for December!.
    Thanks again for bringing it to my notice!

  5. Hi again.........the bug seems to be fixed now anyway. Check blogger help for more details........

    Yes I can't see England escaping this one. We were really quite good a couple of years ago (peaking in that Ashes win) but now we're back to the old middling to crap England..............

  6. Hi, It does seem to be partly fixed as some of my pics still do not open in the browser. Anyway,I am sure it will be sorted out.

    Matt prior and Bell are annoying Sri lanka!. Matt was caught behind clearly! too bad if this ends in a draw. Although, I am sure you will have no complains.


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