19 November 2007

s**t it's cold...........

A crappy picture but at least it gives you an idea of the weather this afternoon as I stepped out of my flat for a very short walk. Yesterday was freezing cold and when I woke up this morning everything was white. Almost no birds about except for the common resident species. What usually happens is a day or 2 after the first snow there is an influx of birds moving south (Hakodate is their last stop before sunny Honshu). Sometimes just common stuff like Grey Starling, sometimes interesting stuff like Crossbill or Whites Thrush can be seen in the city parks.

We went to Onuma yesterday. Exactly the same birds a few days ago basically but I decided to concentrate on Marsh Tits instead of Nuthatches this time.

Lots of Goosander on the lake, a lone Great White Egret, flocks of Dusky Thrush and the other regular woodland stuff were around. Our visit was cut short because of my wife's shoes. Or lack of. She always removes her shoes to drive (don't ask me why) and this time she forgot to put them in the car after she took them off. She didn't notice until we were at Onuma preparing to get out and go for a walk. Just time to feed the Nuthatches and off home we went to find the shoes unmolested in our flat's parking space.

We ended up in Kamiso just before sunset and it was now very very cold with a biting wind blowing from the northwest. A few Scaup on the sea and this adult Glaucous Winged Gull braving the wind were the only noteworthy birds.

Errr............Israel won. I wasn't expecting that. Maybe next spring's road trip may not have to be arranged in the middle of June after all. But I'm not even thinking about that until after Wednesday.

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