9 December 2018

Winter 2018 finally arrives...........

Freezing temperatures, icy roads and blizzards hit Hakodate as winter belatedly showed its face..................

The above Whooper Swan was at Onuma. Not many birds around at all today: the most interesting were a couple of Yellow-throated Buntings. No rare ducks at Onuma: just lots of Mallard with a few Tufted Duck, Goldeneye, Coot and Little Grebe. A couple of Great Egret were still around but the forest was very quiet.


  1. That looks very cold Stu. It's interesting that Great Egrets stay around despite the snow and ice. But they are still making only slow progress in breeding in any numbers here.

    1. They don't breed here either Phil. They're still mainly a passage visitor in Hokkaido, a few overwinter.


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