19 August 2018

Another wader season begins...............

Some Red-necked Stints near Yakumo this afternoon..............

We headed north for the first time since mid July to see if there were any waders on the beaches.

And there were quite a few. Red-necked Stints mainly; this is the default small passage wader of Japan.

There was a flock of 40 or so at Oshamanbe. Nearby were 2 Grey-tailed Tattler, 1 Terek Sandpiper and 1 Common Sandpiper. Near Yakumo there were more Rednecks and also small numbers of Sanderling, Dunlin and Mongolian Plover.

Also around were Chestnut-eared Bunting, Japanese Green Pigeon, lots of Pacific Swift, 1 White-throated Needletail, Osprey and Peregrine.

I hope my 500 lens comes back soon.............


  1. Just one would be fine Stu. You got that flock almost all in focus. Nice job.

    1. Thanks John. I just pointed the camera and hoped for the best............

  2. Great to see the waders over the surf like that !


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