19 October 2015

Mellow autumnal Owl

Beautiful autumn weather at Onuma today..............

The Ural Owl was back in its hole..................

It wasn't doing much it has to be said. It did change its pose every so often so at least I could see it was alive.

Lots of stuff around in the morning. Groups of Japanese Grosbeak and flocks of Brambling on the move. 6 Whooper Swan, the first of the winter for me at Onuma. Various common ducks as well as Coot and Great Crested Grebe. Jay, Great Egret, 4 species of Woodpecker including the female Black at the top and the usual tits and nuthatches...............


  1. The owl looks superb in that tree. A super shot of the wood pecker too.

  2. Hello Stuart!:) Stunning shots of the owl in the tree, ...really beautiful with the autumn colours in the background. Excellent shot of the Woodpecker too.

  3. Great colours and envy-making birds here.


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