25 August 2014

Wader season at last #1

The waders have finally started showing in front of my camera....................

We just had a couple of days away. On the way we stopped at Oshamanbe. Not many waders: a few Common and Terek Sandpiper, Red Necked Stint and Grey Tailed Tattler. Great Crested Grebe offshore and lots of Pacific Swift in the skies.

And 2 tame Great Knot on the beach.

The light wasn't great but they were so approachable that many of these shots are uncropped.

They did look pretty comical as the jogged up and down the beach, eating the worms.

The 2014 wader season took a while to get going but it's here at last...........


  1. How wonderful to have them so close that you didn't have to crop. I especially like that 4th one - getting ready for the next Olympics!

    1. Thanks but they definitely aren't sprinters, more like slightly overweight middle distance runners.

  2. Some brilliant shots, especially like number 3….

    1. Thanks John, yes they loved those worms...........


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