23 May 2008


Rainbow from the balcony......

I got up very early on Wednesday, it started raining so I went home after seeing no birds but at least there was a rainbow from the balcony.

Still no car and lousy weather (windy or rainy) so not much to write about.........some late Crossbill, a pair of Chestnut Eared Bunting, that's about it plus the common stuff. I missed the Red Necked Pharalope passage too. I'll stop now before I go into whine overdrive.

Here's a couple of crappy photos from a very very windy afternoon.

The main wildlife experience of the last week was watching some local government workmen getting rid of a crow's nest. it took FIVE men to remove one nest. It was comedy gold. 2 on the ladder (screaming like drunks in an absurd attempt to intimidate the crows), 2 on the ground with poles and 1 in the truck whose job seemed to be watching the others whilst smoking. Anyway, 1 chick flopped to the ground and was put in a bag presumably to be disposed of somewhere. A murder of crows.

The Champions League Final was much better than I expected, thought Chelsea were a bit unlucky. Drogba-what was that pathetic little slap for? If you're going to be red carded at least use your fist. I actually ended up wanting Chelsea to win. Whatever. Football is dead to me for the next 2 months anyway.

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  1. Hi Stella C Eagle:

    This is Julian out in San Diego. Couldn't agree with you more about the Champions League Final. I think Chelsea deserved to win. Euro 2008 won't be the same without England, its hardly worth watching.

    I like your story about the crows. Brings back memories of redundant Japanese construction workers trying to eat up the rest of their budget before the end of the fiscal year. "A murder of crows": A comedy skit just for you, sponsored by the taxpayers of Hakodate.

    If you get a chance can you check your yahoo email account? There's a question I'd like to ask you.

    Take it easy,



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