27 May 2008


Almost zero birding this week as a result of no car and bad weather.........but tomorrow I'm off camping for a few days in the wilds of far north Hokkaido (in fact we may even visit Japan's northernmost point). It's unseasonably cold here so it's bound to be freezing up there.

We finally got the car back and we went out to Ono to check the ricefields for waders. There weren't any but there was this lone Cattle Egret, the first one I've seen in Hokkaido. Not a great shot though.

Not much else. I heard the first Common Cuckoos of the year and the Oriental Reed Warblers are still as noisy as ever.

I'll update my blog from my cellphone a couple of times perhaps. Hopefully the photos will be web-sized and the right way up.............


  1. Hi. I really enjoyed your blog. The pictures are wonderful. Enjoy your time.

  2. Pictures are great as usual.
    Enjoy your birding time!!


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