15 October 2007

Mellow autumnal week

A Red Fox at Onuma this afternoon.

The mellow autumn weather continues in South Hokkaido. No bird pics today. Not much around birdwise the last few days in Hakodate. Just the common Ducks, a few Rustic Bunting, the last straggling Night Herons. Beautiful clear weather though.

Just the common woodland stuff at Onuma. Lots of Thrushes hiding in the undergrowth (Pale Thrush I think) plus a couple of Black Woodpecker glimpsed in the distance. We'd planned to go camping this week but decided it was too cold. And it seemed pretty darn chilly at sunset.

The fox was the only decent wildlife subject from the last few days. Unless you count this.

Is this a Salmon? It was in the small crappy river near my flat. Every autumn a few Salmon (I think) make their way up the nearby concreted stream. Are they (re)colonising? Are they just stupid? What gives?

At Moheji and Menagawa recently there have been a few Salmon but not so many. Maybe it's a bit early. Shame that after all the hassle they have to make it to these rivers in Hokkaido they all end up like this.

At Yakumo in early winter there are thousands and thousands of rotting Salmon corpses which provide food for the Eagles........

So England are in the RUWC final. Amazing. Although some people think they don't deserve to be there. I'm not really a rugby person but I know that points on the board at the end of the game is where it's at not style.

Let's hope there's no f#*k-up in Moscow on Wednesday night.

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