16 October 2007

Mellow autumnal week Part 2

Autumn is my favourite season in Hokkaido. Not hot anymore but not cold yet either. Usually clear but this afternoon there was one big bad hail and thunderstorm when we were heading home from a drive up north. Thank the lord we'd given up on the idea of camping.

We started the day off at Yakumo. The above Dunlin and Glaucous Winged Gull were 2 of the birds I saw there. Also around were Greenshank, another 6 species of gull including Glaucous, Common and Herring Gulls (all winter visitors). Other stuff on the move included lots of ducks (including the first Goldeneye of the autumn), a female Merlin and a couple of Osprey.

We drove north towards Niseko to a foul smelling hot spring area in the mountains. You don't need a map. Just wind down the window and follow your nose.

Nice autumn colours nearby if you could ignore the desire to gag on the smell of sulphur.

After yesterday's tame fox at Onuma we had no less than FOUR of them begging around the car. Must have been a family. The vixen was presumably teaching the cubs to beg for free handouts. Reminded me of when I was a social worker in Hackney.

These pictures are just too easy.

The autumn colours near Niseko were beautiful. Whole mountainsides cloaked in reds and yellows.................I have a camera full of lousy pictures to show for my efforts. Errr.......difficult light conditions you see and just a crappy kit lens don't you know. A fast wide angle lens is now #4 on the list of lens I'll buy one day.

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