27 July 2007

Ruddy Kingfishers leave the nest

One of 3 Ruddy Kingfishers to leave the nesthole for the first time this afternoon at Onuma. And they had an audience.

I don't know what all that gear is worth. A lot I guess. My own set-up looked feeble compared to it anyway. We arrived about 11am and I couldn't get a decent spot to stand........there must have been 25 or more photographers there. I had to stand on the other side of the road. Not a vintage day for pictures despite firing off several hundred. Alas my ancient compact digicam doesn't focus quickly enough or shoot enough frames per second for decent pics. These were at the nest.

My wife had slightly better luck using the DSLR with these 2 pics.

Oh for one of those expensive SLR lenses. Or a better more modern faster digicam. The best pics of the day where of one of the youngsters just before they left the nest. A frustrating day.

This bird hung around near the nest whereas its sibling hung around on a branch in the distance.

They were both fed several times by adults but things happened too quickly for my antique gear. Red blurs were all I could get. This was the best I could muster.

If anyone reading this is very rich and wants to make someone really really happy I want one of these.

Well at least a new compact digicam from Santa won't break the bank. I'll put it on the list.


  1. thanks for the comps on the bugs! I was reading your entry this morning and was drooling with envy at the photos of the Ruddy's...still dipped on them for the third time lately despite hearing several birds call. beautiful birds. I think kingfishers in general don't like me as I waited for one hour this morning for one to perch and it kept flying past to perch on another pole...so I gave up and left. When I turned around and scanned the area again, there it was, sitting on the perch I was waiting in front of. Whaddya goin do?

  2. Thanks for the Comment. its nice to know that I am know known by birders in Japan lol!
    (The White Tailed Plover was a mega suprise, as it stopped of on its way back from Scotland

  3. Santa will think about it!!

    perhaps a lottery win is more likely!


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