27 July 2007

Hot hot hot and the Moon

I was a bit bored tonight so I took some photos of the moon through my scope. 46 pics and they all look the same. Not great but not awful either. Of course I'm in the middle of town too. Hey the moon moves during the 10 seconds timer.

Rather hot the last few days. Birding in town is very predictable. The Bullheaded Shrikes have fledged and here's a youngster.

There seem to be more of these this year. At least 2 separate families in the mile or so stretch on the local river. The Asian House Martins have also fledged. Familiar problems of birds silhouetted against the sky plus the darn things fly so fast.

One thing I've noticed about standing around in summer on the grass is the extraordinary number of ants everywhere. If you stand still for 30 seconds they swarm all over your feet (not nice when you're wearing shorts and sandals). I don't think they actually bite but they must secrete something or other as my feet are still itchy. Here's a Carrion Crow taking advantage of the ants.

My camera lens has a supposed 'macro' function. I've been trying to snap a few photos of bugs and the suchlike. Here's some kind of butterfly. And a bee in a flower.

On the subject of bugs I'll be visting the mossie infested jungle at Onuma trying to get some Ruddy Kingfisher pics over the next few days. The young have hatched. I got some great pictures last year. I got bitten to death getting those shots though.

Not up to too much recently. Watched a bit of Blake's 7 burned onto a CD, followed England v India on the radio, read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, got drunk last night on beer and cheap sake, cooked some fried noodles with garlic sprouts, green peppers and pork, dreamed about purchasing expensive lenses and got depressed about approaching my 39th birthday.

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  1. getting depressed about an approaching 39th birthday!! your mother is getting scared about her approaching 60th birthday!!


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