3 March 2007

Jesus F#cki*ng Christ

Liverpool lose in the last minute (completely against the run of play too I might add) to Manchester Utd. God I feel so dirty and angry. AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHH.

This pic is from a church somewhere in Bamberg Bavaria I took in 1997. It reminds me of Paul Scholes. Only slightly less goblin-like than the ginge Manc himself.

I hope the pain goes away tommorrow.

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  1. what poxy bastards!!! of course, my ol' fella had to call me up last night to gloat about it...bloody fools will probably win the league, again, this year.

    Went twitching down to Shikoku this weekend to see a Red-backed Shrike. Very different to the ones back home so was quite surprised when I saw it. Still not sure if it's 100% RB or a hybrid with Izzy maybe...need to do some research.

    Nice pic of the thrush...no problems with my new iPod...yet :)


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