4 March 2007

Blue Rock Thrush

A male Blue Rock Thrush at Yunokawa a couple of days ago. The pic was taken handheld against my small Kowa 50mm Scope perched atop a very lightweight rickety Slik tripod. Quite a few nice birds at Yunokawa-a couple of Buff Bellied Pipit, a pair of Ring Necked Pheasant, Varied and Marsh Tit, Sparrowhawk, a couple of singing Japanese Wagtail, Brown Dipper, Black Scoter and lots of Red Necked Grebe on the sea.

I walked in the forest on Hakodateyama last week but there wasn't much to see. Lots of Tits, Nuthatches and the commoner Woodpeckers but no photo opps except for this woodland shrine type thing. Pretty quiet in town recently too. Siskin was the most interesting species.

I made the post below when I was tired and emotional after the Liverpool/ Man U game.

Around March 4th down the years

1983 (March 5) Penwortham. A Chilean Flamingo escapee on the Ribble.

1984 (March 3). Marshside. lots of waders and wildfowl including Bewicks Swan and Black Tailed Godwit. Also Brambling, Twite and a female Merlin.

2003 (March 5). Hakodate. A Rosy Finch (still the only one I've ever seen) in the exact same place I went today. Also around were Crossbill and Brambling.

2006 (March 4). Hakodate. Female Merlin flew over my flat.

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