17 May 2015

Off on a trip very soon

Well it's a big day tomorrow.................

But I had one last chance for some spring birding in Hokkaido. This afternoon near Kikonai there were no less than five Black Winged Stilts................

I'm going to get my 7D MK2 seen to after we get back, only 1 in 10 shots seemed to be in focus. User error or a problem with the camera body? We'll have to wait and see as tomorrow I fly to Tokyo and then on to Manchester the next day minus the 7D MK2, the 7D MK1 will make its second trip overseas.

The light was great though...............

The most I'd seen together before today had been 3 (and that was only last week).

There were also 3 Grey Tailed Tattler, 2 Kentish Plover and a Little Ringed Plover in tha area.

Not much else around. Spring migration has passed me by this year, I must have simply missed everything. The warm fine weather maybe meant everything passed straight through and also earlier than usual, in Goryokaku Park last week there were no migrants at all despite the fact mid May is usually the peak time............

Hope it's a different story in NW England..............

I have an afternoon in Tokyo, I may try and find Little Tern to add to my Japan list. If it isn't too hot. Or raining.................

I hate packing. And I hate flying. So I'm not in the mood yet. I'll only really start looking forward to my trip when I'm supping on a pint in the Irish pub in Schipol airport knowing it's only a short flight home................


  1. Hi It is a pity you are not coming over the pond to N.Ireland! well these images are superb. Have a great trip. Ilove travelling.

    1. Thanks Margaret, wish I had the time: unbelievably I've never been across the Irish Sea depite having ancestors from both sides of the border.

  2. Your spot on with your pictures and the light assessment Stu. Unlikely you'll see equivalent light in Preston.
    Give me a shout if you're Pilling way.

    1. Thanks Phil. If I make it Pilling way I'll let you know.

  3. Have a good trip over this way. Like Phil, give us a shout if you're out n about on the Fylde coast



  4. Have a great vacation with lots of wonderful birds.

    1. Thanks David, I just got back................and it was great..............


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