4 March 2008

A day by a lake

We took our guests out to Onuma to show them the tame Nuthatches and Tits which were bang on form as usual. Later on we even bumped into another expat from Hakodate who goes birding. There were a few Japanese photographers looking for the Black Woodpeckers. I saw this female earlier in the day...........here's a crappy record shot.

There were still no Eagles on the ice though we did see a lone White Tailed Eagle fly over the lake. The lake is still pretty much frozen and the Whooper Swans were still present. As was the lone Coot which at least struck some interesting poses.

Like I said the lake was still frozen, perhaps about 99%.

My wife managed to drop her cellphonne into the other 1%. We bought here a new one later on and my god cellphones have come on a bit since I was last in the NTT Docomo shop. My wife's new one has 5 TV stations , a 5 megapixel camera, full internet capabilities, she can use it abroad and lots of other functions she'll never actually need. I want one. I'll get it when we come back from England......

I got some nice shots of the local Great Tits which are usually much less approachable than its' congeners.

The Varied Tits were also posing nicely.

As were the Marsh Tits.

And the Nuthatches.

A slightly different view of Mt Komagadake to finish off, this one from the southern side with the railway in the foreground. My father's hobby is taking pictures of trains but sorry dad there's no train going past and I was too cold and tired to wait for one.

A busy last few days. Should I get up at 5am and watch the Champion's League and then go out for a day's birding? I'll sleep on it. Still got sh*tloads of movies to get through too.........time for a beer followed by a bath I think.

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  1. The shots of the Varied Tits are wonderful. That's an amazingly beautiful Tit. I wish we had that species in Europe.


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