10 December 2007

Diving and fishing

Rather gloomy weather recently.........cold and grey (although almost no snow since last week's blizzards). I took a short walk to the river this morning and was rewarded with this shot of a diving Kingfisher. I only had the 300mm lens (I'm too nervous about slipping on the ice and damaging the 400mm) but it did a good job of catching the moment as the Kingfisher left its' perch.

I couldn't get a clear view of it eating the fish.......this is the best one I could manage.

Yesterday I went to Ono chasing a Rough Legged Buzzard. Unfortunately I didn't see it though I did see 1 or 2 Common Buzzards. Common Buzzards are extremely variable (so much that it seems difficult to actually define a single diagnostic ID feature for the Rough Legged). I took some crappy pics which you can see here along with discussion of the ID by people much more knowledgeable than me.

Not much else around the last few days. A male Goshawk and juvenile Night Heron today, White Tailed Eagle at Onuma yesterday, Redpolls still around a few days ago, rafts of Scaup and Goldeneye offshore at Kamiso as welll as flocks of Black Necked Grebe yesterday..........

Naturally we fed the usual suspects at Onuma. I'm tired of posting Nuthatch/Marsh tit pics but luckily there were 2 Varied Tits. Surprisingly Onuma had less snow than Hakodate.

I've tentatively started paying attention to the football again. Big week for Liverpool. And at least for the neutral the Premier League seems a lot more open than recent seasons.

A bit short of images this time so here's a picture of Black Kite from last Friday.

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  1. Great photos of Hakodate birdlife.
    I am planning to visit Hokkaido to photograph Stellas in late Feb. would appreciate info.
    pls contact traynorphoto@optonline.net


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